Tarrant County College Dual Enrollment Steps GHS Students: 

STEP 1: MANDATORY MEETING - Rising juniors and seniors must attend a mandatory meeting with a parent. Meetings are typically held in late January or early February of the spring semester and are required in order to participate in Dual. Attendance is taken during the meeting. 

STEP 2: COMMITMENT & COURSE REQUEST FORM - Students will receive a Dual Commitment form and Dual Course Request form at the mandatory meeting. Both forms are due to the counseling office by the posted deadline. Students will register for GHS classes in Skyward as if they are not taking Dual credit courses for the next year. Counselors will change course requests prior to Arena Scheduling for students who meet the Dual Enrollment requirements. Students who do not submit the Commitment form by the deadline will not be able to enroll in Dual credit courses.

STEP 3:  APPLY TCC APPLICATION - Students who turned in their forms and attended the mandatory meeting will be given an appointment time to complete their Apply TCC application on the GHS campus during the school day. During the student's appointment, the GHS counselors will assist students in filling out their TCC college application. Students need to bring their computer and social security number (if applicable) to the appointment. Students will also be given instructions on taking the Texas Success Initiative (TSI-A 2.0).  These appointments may take approximately 90 minutes to complete.

*To be exempt from taking the TSI-A test a student must have an SAT score with a minimum of 480 on the Reading/Writing section (and a 530 on the Math section if taking a dual credit math class) OR an ACT score of 19 (minimum) on the English (and/or Math section if taking a dual credit math class) with a 23 Composite score.  Students who are exempt from taking the TSI must have their official SAT or ACT score reports sent from College Board or ACT directly to TCC (send them to the south campus and they will be forwarded onto the northeast campus). 

STEP 4:  TAKING THE TSI-A 2.0 - Students (who are not TSI exempt) will take the TSI-A 2.0 at the TCC NE Campus during a designated window which will be announced at the Apply TCC Appointment. There is no cost to take the test. Students will need to get a Testing Referral Form from the Dual office at the TCC Northeast Campus (NBSS 1102, across from the main admin building) before going to the Testing Center (parents cannot pick up this form for students). Students will need to show their picture ID and know their TCC student ID number to take the TSI-A 2.0. Students will receive their test scores immediately following the completion of the assessment and will need to provide a copy of their scores to their school counselor in order to have their course requests updated to reflect Dual classes. Students will also need to provide the GHS attendance office with a signed form from the TCC NE Campus Testing Center confirming the date they took the TSI (form given at Apply TCC session).

STEP 5: TCC COURSE REGISTRATION - Students do not need to go to TCC to register for their Dual class(es). Students will be given a date to meet with TCC in order to register for their classes online using TCC's Web Advisor. All students are required to self-register. Registration will take place at GHS with the assistance of TCC staff. Students will need to bring their computers and know their TCC Web Advisor login and TCC ID number. If students receive communication from TCC telling them to go to TCC to register for classes or send transcripts, please disregard.  

STEP 6:  PAYMENT for Dual tuition will be due prior to the first day of class, each semester. Payment can be made online through the student's TCC WebAdvisor account or in person at any TCC Business Services Office. TCC grants are available for those who qualify (a FAFSA must be filled out). To set up a payment plan, please contact the TCC Business Services Office (817-515-6208). 

TEXTBOOKS: Students are expected to purchase the required textbooks prior to the first day of classes. Textbooks are available for purchase from the TCC Bookstore (817-515-6646). If you choose to purchase or rent your books from another party, it is critical that the ISBN is exactly the same as the book required for class. 


Students taking summer or concurrent classes at TCC: will need to obtain a signed Dual Credit, Concurrent and Collegiate High School form from the GHS Counseling Office as well as an official transcript. The student will register for these classes in person at the TCC NE Campus Registrar's Office. Students taking summer and/or concurrent courses must take the TSI-A 2.0 unless they have a qualifying ACT or SAT score. Students who are exempt must send their official SAT or ACT scores to TCC (send to the south campus). Proof of a meningitis shot is required for students taking a course at any TCC campus location or utilizing any of the campus's resources such as the Tutoring/Learning center. Students must speak with their counselor prior to pursuing summer classes. Not all classes will be awarded high school credit.

Updated 01/11/2021