Current Texas
High School vaccination
Vaccination requirements are somewhat complicated.

Further information can be obtained at the Texas Department of Public Health and the CDC.

GCISD follows the CDC guidelines for immunization requirements and catchup schedules for those needing additional immunizations.
Tetanus (td, TdaP, dt) 5 doses required One must be Tdap (with acellular pertussis component) that is required at 7th grade.
4 doses if the 4th dose is on or after the 4th birthday
booster required every 10 years
Booster dose must be up to date for the school year at entry
of the new year.
Polio (OPV, IPV) 3 doses if last dose is after the 4th birthday
(usually 4 or more doses) last one must be after 4th birthday
Measles Mumps, Rubella, MMR) 2 doses. Both must be on or after the 1st birthday
Hepatitis B 3 doses required. 1 month between dose 1 and 2. 2 - 4 months between dose 2 and 3.
(if 2 dose hepatitis B is given, official documentation must be provided for proof)
There must be at least 16 weeks between dose 1 and 3.
Varicella (chicken pox) 2 doses or documentation of disease (month and year)
Meningitis (MCV, MCV4, MEN) 1 dose required for our students. (Students will be required to have a booster dose before college, but this is not a high school requirement.)
Conscientious Objection Affidavit from Department of Health and Human Services
Must be notarized; must have origninal document-no copies.
Renew every 2 years

Medical exception

Dr signed document that excuses student from immunization due to a
medical condition or need. If no medical need is documented, a conscietious affidavit will be required. To be renewed annually
unless states it is a "life time medical condition".
Medical Immunity If a student has had a disease or immunization that is not documented,
serological (blood) testing indicating the student is immune to the disease in question can be accepted in place of vaccination. A copy of the lab test is