Textbook Return Information
Posted on 07/28/2020

All returning 10th-12th graders need to return their textbooks from the 2019/2020 school year during the week of August 3rd-5th. Each grade level will have a day to return their textbook as well as a time frame.

Ms. Evans will be at the front doors of GHS to meet those returning textbooks. Those returning books will have to have a mask on. 

Monday Aug. 3rd - Rising Sophomore
A-I (9-11am), J-R (12-2pm), S-Z(2-4pm)
Tuesday Aug. 4th- Rising Juniors
A-I (9-11am), J-R (12-2pm), S-Z(2-4pm)
Wednesday Aug. 5th- Rising Seniors
A-I (9-11am), J-R (12-2pm), S-Z(2-4pm)