MathWorks Math Modeling Challenge
Students Sanika Bhave, Aidan Comiskey, Drew DeHaven, Vivek Tanna and Luka Valencic, members of the Grapevine High School Math Modeling Team, participated in the 14-hour MathWorks Math Modeling Challenge at Market Street on March 4, 2018.

The team was named one of the 22 Honorable Mention teams out of a total of 913 competing groups and received a $1000 scholarship. Last year, this team placed in the top 150 out of 1,121 teams.

The MathWorks Math Modeling Challenge, sponsored by the Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics (SIAM), challenges students to create mathematical models to solve a real-world problem under a 14-hour time restriction similar to problems faced by professional mathematicians currently working in the industry. Teams are supplied with 3 guiding problems and then conduct their own research to determine which math principles or equations would be best to use. This year's topic, America's food-insecure population, highlighted how food waste may be better repurposed to resolve this issue.

Congratulations to these amazing mathematicians!