AP Testing

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A quick update on AP Testing, As of Monday the 17th Grapevine High School will have completed the administration 1 of AP exam testing. Administration 1 has been the traditional paper and pencil based exams that most students have been familiar with in recent years. An addition this year is the option for GHS students to take a digital administration during the admin 3 window beginning June 1. These exams will be delivered through the CollegeBoard Digital AP Exams app. This is an at home exam. While aspects of this test may seem familiar in light of last years online testing experience, we are strongly encouraging all parents and students who are anticipating a digital administration to review the CollegeBoard website for resources for preparation. A link to that resource is provided below.

The Digital AP Exams Preview

One more important change for you to be aware of. A previous communication was sent out that students would default to administration 3 if they did not attend their administration 1 exam date. The CollegeBoard website will not allow us to default registrations to later exams. In light of this, if you are planning on taking a digital exam during the administration 3 window there are two key steps that must be completed.

1)      Log into your AP Central account and verify your exams and dates. Many students have already communicated a need for an exam 3 administration date. If you are in this group, simply login to your account where you can verify your registrations and exam dates. If you have any questions, please contact Paul Cook at paul.cook@gcisd.net.

2)      If you do not show an exam registration for the online admin 3 window, please notify Mr. Cook immediately. Exam registrations for the admin 3 window can still be changed up to 7 calendar days prior to the digital exam date.

If your exam is not listed in your AP Central account 7 days prior to your digital exam, you will not be able to test. If you have any questions on this, please contact paul.cook@gcisd.net