Grapevine High School

School Counseling Vision Statement: All students of Grapevine High School are empowered to successfully navigate and access resources to meet their needs in an ever changing and increasingly complex world.  They thrive as contributing members of society and reach their fullest potential by achieving their short and long-term academic, personal, and career goals with the confidence and encouragement instilled in them at Grapevine High School.  Furthermore, our students consider how their actions impact the world around them and demonstrate respect for diverse ideas, opinions, and cultures.  They can effectively communicate with others and are able to maintain positive and supportive relationships through continuous self-reflection and development of their mental, social, emotional and physical well-being. 

School Counseling Beliefs:

Grapevine High School Counselors believe the following:

• School counselors advocate for all students and empower and guide them in developing 

strong self­-advocacy skills.

• School counselors value all students.

• All students, regardless of background, race, religion, gender, or ability level have the right to achieve at their highest level

• All students can achieve success.

• Student and stakeholder voice is an essential component in designing the school counseling annual curriculum and setting yearly department goals.

• School counseling core curriculum is tailored to meet the changing needs of all students.

• The school counselor’s primary role is to serve as an advocate for all students.

• Professional school counselors are responsible for the ongoing planning, management, delivery, and evaluation of a comprehensive, data-driven counseling program.

• School counselors, in conjunction with key stakeholders, continuously collect and analyze data to aid in the development of annual school counseling program goals.

• School counselors adhere to all ethical standards and guidelines.

School Counseling Mission Statement: The mission of the Grapevine High School counseling department is to implement an equitable, safe, positive learning environment wherein all students are given access to receive and benefit from a comprehensive, data-driven counseling program that encourages lifelong learning, innovation and leadership.  The counseling program collaborates with students, parents, staff and key stakeholders in order to advocate for the equity, access and success of every student and to further empower them to reach their academic, social-emotional, and college/career goals in addition to becoming knowledgeable, contributing members of the global community.