Grapevine High School Spirit Rustlers 2021-2022

Carson Gajewski, c/o 2022

Charlie Hall, c/o 2022

Wyatt Harrison, c/o 2022

Sam Nash, c/o 2022

Joseph “Dutch” Ressler, c/o 2022

Adam Sickman, c/o 2022

Jaxon “J.T.”  Turner, c/o 2022

Wes Cunningham, c/o 2023

Jeremy Eastham, c/o 2023

Jude Elms, c/o 2023

Surya Emandi, c/o 2023

Grant Kline, c/o 2023

Nathan Wilson, c/o 2023

What is a Spirit Rustler?

Spirit Rustlers are members of a student organization composed of junior and seniors that promote Mustang pride and tradition throughout the school year at pep rallies and athletic events.


Spirit Rustlers began at Grapevine in the fall of 1986 when head cheerleader Charla Gwinn asked Randy Humphrey to form a group of guys to promote Mustang pride. Consequently, the group has continued spreading GHS pride and tradition ever since. Originally recognizable by their red bandanas and Converse shoes, you can now catch all Rustlers donning a red jumpsuit at home varsity games.


If you are interested in becoming a Spirit Rustler, contact their sponsor, Chris Laney, at [email protected]. Tryouts are held after spring break during the second semester.