GHS PALS I Syllabus

Class Expectations:

This is only an overview of what to expect in PALS. This program is an incredibly rewarding experience and definitely worth your time and effort, but it does require a time commitment outside of school hours if we want to keep the program running as successfully as in the past. Your role as a peer helper is to promote healthy group dynamics, self-esteem, social skills, better communication skills, decision making and problem solving, prevention education, and cultural awareness. In addition, it is also the responsibility of a PAL to serve his/her school and community. If you do not participate (in class, games, at the schools, volunteer) or you do not uphold the positive image of a PAL, you will be asked to leave. PALs are held to a higher standard, and your participation plays a vital role in the class. You are expected to be a positive role model inside and outside of school.

Class Conduct:

All school regulations apply to this classroom. If an electronic device is being used then No food or drink is allowed in a 10 foot radius! Any food or drink that is opened near a computer will be confiscated and thrown in the trash! Students have the right to a classroom conducive to learning. Students are responsible for respecting others and helping to create a pleasant atmosphere. If you conduct yourself like a responsible young adult, you will be treated accordingly.


PALs is just like any other class. You will receive a tardy if you are late to class.

Grading Policy: It is important for you to take your grades seriously in PALS!

  • 1st Six Weeks - 50% Participation and cooperation; 50% paperwork and projects
  • 2nd - 6th Six Weeks
    • 30 % Following expectation and guidelines as set-up by the sponsor and Elementary school staff while attending your 1st elementary campus each week.
    • 30% Following expectations and guidelines as set-up by the sponsor and Elementary school staff while attending your 2nd elementary campus each week.
    • 20% Papers, projects and testing
    • 20% Participation and cooperation while in PALs class

Grading System for Elementary Visits:

1) -5 points if you do wear your ID

2) -10 points if you have an unexcused tardy

3) If you are at school on the day that you did not show up to see your PALee and did not have an excused absence, you will receive a ZERO for the day.

4) -50 points if you do not participate in the activity for that day. This is excused if the teacher has asked you to do class work with your PALee.

5) If you do not bring the supplies needed to complete the activity for that day, you will receive a ZERO and must explain to your PALee why they do not get to do the activity for that day.

6) If you are going to be absent, you need to call your teacher and tell them ahead of time and write a letter to your PALee explaining why you could not be there. Failure to do so will result in a ZERO for the day. If you wake up ill or have an emergency please notify Hamilton ASAP so that arrangements can be made for your PALee.

Fundraisers: There will be several fundraiser opportunities throughout the school year. Fundraisers make it possible for you to go to the PALs Conference, and they provide supplies for activities at the elementary schools and for projects. In order for our fundraisers to be successful, your full participation is necessary.