Welcome to the National Art Honors Society homepage!
Please see Ms. Richey in room 709 for all questions. 
(E-mail: [email protected])

Purpose of NAHS

  • Inspire and recognize students who have shown outstanding ability in art and art history
  • Foster excellence and a dedicated spirit to the pursuit of art and art history
  • Further creative abilities and talents of the Society’s members, as well as the school’s entire art enrollment
  • Aid members in working toward attaining their highest potential in an art area
  • Raise awareness of the value of art and art history in school and in the community

Membership Rules

  • To be eligible for the Grapevine Chapter of National Art Honor Society, the candidate must be a Junior or Senior, currently enrolled in an advanced visual arts or AP art history class. The candidate must have also previously completed 4 semesters of visual arts classes with a cumulative average of at least 90 and a conduct grade of S or E.
  • Members may remain active during such time when there are no visual arts on their class schedules as long as they fulfill all of the other requirements each year.
  • Attendance is required at all regularly scheduled meetings to maintain membership and privileges. *Meetings are AFTER school.
  • All members must participate in at least one of our projects, activities, or fundraisers each year and successfully complete an NAHS point sheet by the end of the year.
  • Annual dues of $10 (non-refundable) for juniors and $15 (this includes money for graduation chords) will be collected from each member.
  • To graduate with NAHS honors and earn the right to wear a cord at graduation, a member must remain in good standing until the graduation date.
  • Members must maintain a 90 average in all art classes at each grading quarter.
  • In the event of an infraction of the rules, a review by the sponsor will be conducted. This applies to all community laws as well as school and chapter rules.

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