The Ambassador Program encourages students to participate in service opportunities in their community.

Membership in the Ambassador Program requires that all student members read, understand, and adhere to the

rules of this program as detailed in Guidelines and FAQ. This is an optional Honors Program.

Step One: Read the Guidelines. There is absolutely no short cut method for fully understanding the Ambassador Program—student members must read and read again all materials associated with it.

Step Two: Print and sign the Membership Agreement Form found on the website. Turn in the form to the red box in the counselors’ office.

Step Three: Print and take a Service Hours Form with you each time you volunteer. Turn in the completed form to the red box as soon as a form is completed. We highly recommend that you make a copy, or take a photo of your form before turning it in. With the best of intentions on everyone’s part, forms can be lost.

Tips: The most common error is not filling out the form fully. Take an extra moment to make sure it’s all filled out so your form is not returned to you for completion. Be sure your form is signed on the last day of volunteering, not the first, when putting more than one date of service per form. If you’re unsure about the eligibility of a location, please contact us first.

E-mail: [email protected]

 Click here to enter the GHS Ambassador website.