If I am cast in the production of:  _______________________________________________________

                                                        (  YOU MAY ASKED TO BE CONSIDERED FOR 1, 2 OR ALL 3 SHOWS )

             1. I agree that it is my responsibility to know when and where rehearsals will take place by examining the Call Board, consulting my rehearsal  schedule, check the Theatre website, or Facebook event page, or by consulting the Stage Manager.

             2. I agree to attend all rehearsals for which I am scheduled (including all Technical / Dress rehearsals) and all scheduled performances.

             3. I will arrive 5 minutes early for all scheduled rehearsals and I will remain at rehearsals until the rehearsal is completed or I am excused, I UNDERSTAND THAT I MUST SUPPLY A CONFLICT CALENDAR BEFORE THE END OF AUDITIONS

             4. I will bring the script, notebook, calendar, personal planner, pencils, and proper shoes and rehearsal clothing to each rehearsal.

             5. I agree to be off-book with lines memorized for the second called rehearsal of a given scene. I may call “line” for a reasonable period of time after the second called rehearsal of the scene.

             6. While at rehearsal I agree to focus my attention on the rehearsal process -NO CELL PHONES OR ELECTRONIC GAMES , CALLS , or other such activities that may distract others or myself from the purpose of rehearsal.

             7. I will not cut my hair or beard, change hairstyles or colors, or, in general, change my appearance in any way, unless explicitly instructed to do so by the Director .

             8 If I must miss a rehearsal I will personally contact the Assistant Director and the Stage Manager a minimum of 24 hours prior to the beginning of the rehearsal. If I miss a rehearsal and do not contact the Assistant Director and Stage Manager, I                                  understand that my lack of consideration is enough for me to be dismissed from the ensemble.

             9. I agree that I will not invite guests to rehearsals without prior approval of the director.

             10. I agree to assist with the production in any capacity, including but not limited to, working on the set,

                          helping in the costume shop, assisting the Box Office with publicity & marketing, etc.

             11. I will participate in the strike of the show set, returning costumes, & clean up.

             12. I understand that I will be charged a$100 production fee for EACH PRODUCTION and I will supply appropriate                          undergarments, and shoes. Due end of the first week of Rehearsals to Assistant Director Ms. Nalepa.

             13. I will promote and foster a professional attitude: dedicated, productive, positive, safe, pleasant, creative, collaborative. I                    will treat others with respect and courtesy NO GOSSIP, NO NEGATIVE COMMENTS.

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