All of Mrs. Reasoner's  students who are enrolled in a theatre course are afforded the opportunity to be an
active participant in classroom production as well as main stage production work.
Students are expected to maintain a positive attitude as new techniques are introduced to encourage
a high level of self -confidence and self -esteem are an important aspect of the instruction process.
The goal of the classroom instructor is to produce students who learn to care about themselves and each other
through the use of theatre arts and continue to be life long learners as risk takers who will step up to a challenge and lead the way for others to follow.
Students will be introduced to theatre the first day of class utilizing a theatre unique exercise called the
"3 Tools of an Actor" and "6 Rules of the Top Techie" will escalate to a full fledged productions complete with an audience and competition opportunities.
Earn your Gold Stars and Sprinkles ...Be prepared      Be on time       Be respectful          Be active       Be positive      Be at your best!