Our athletic programs are in line with our campus mission to honor our traditions and develop leaders by maintaining high standards for our athletes.

Athletes are encouraged to play multiple sports at Grapevine High School. Coaches and sponsors will work with students and parents to create a manageable schedule to balance school commitments.

*Athletes are expected to be in an athletic period year round, either in an in- season sport or off season.

*Off season is offered for most sports and will consist of strength, speed and sport specific skill training within the athletic class period.

*Most sports will compete 2 times a week plus some Saturday tournaments. Proper time management will be necessary to balance course work and athletics.

*All athletes must have a current physical prior to tryouts. It must be on the district form. They must also have the required UIL parent and player rules and steroid policies.

*Communication with coaches should start with the athlete. Teaching athletes to communicate with their coach is a goal of our programs.

*Athletes are expected to attend high school sports as a priority. Outside sports are not an excused absence from team competitions and practices.

*Athletes that quit a sport during the season may not be permitted to move on to another sport until the current season is over.

*Summer camps are hosted by most sports. They are not required but do provide the opportunity for students to become familiar with the coaching staff and other players. Contact the specific coach for details.

*Conditioning programs will also be available during the summer. Contact each coordinator or a specific coach for details on available sessions.

*Licensed athletic trainers are available to evaluate, treat and rehabilitate injured athletes.