Tim Spitsberg

On my desk

Dear Grapevine High School students and parents,
Welcome to ASPIRE English II, to ASPIRE AP Lit, and to all the varieties of AP Research! I'm so incredibly excited to be here at Grapevine High School and to be a part of your amazing community.  I've spent the first decade and a half plus of my career preparing to be the best possible teacher I can be for you and your students: teaching for two years at the college level at the University of Illinois and Texas Tech while doing graduate work, for eleven years at a large public high school in the suburbs of Chicago, for three years, teaching AP Lang and Lit at V.R Eaton High School in Northwest ISD, and finally, prior to arriving at GHS in 20-21, teaching 7th grade ASPIRE Humanities at Cross Timbers Middle School.

My wife is a graduate of Grapevine High School, and her mother was a principal in the district for many years, so I absolutely consider being here at GCISD and Grapevine High School a "coming home," and I'm dedicated to making your/your students' experience in our shared learning environment both challenging and comforting.  I want my students to feel strong, supported, seen, and valued so that they have the courage and tenacity to do the amazing things our courses allow them to reach to, and beyond.  Few of us do our best work when we're ill at ease; almost all of us do more and better when we feel safe and sane.

I'm very much looking forward to getting to work with ALL of you - exploring and creating worlds through research and via the 21st century communication skills of writing, reading, critical analysis, synthesis, collaboration, and self-exploration and expansion that ELA brings to the table - but those learning categories are just an inception point, and where exactly we go will depend significantly on the bodies, brains, hearts and souls filling the chairs that are currently empty in Room 612.

So, students, your place has been prepared, the world awaits you...I can't wait to get started.
Mr. Spitsberg

PS. If you're looking for a more traditional "bio" about ME as opposed to about US and our work together, I'm mostly importantly a husband, and a father of two life-loving boys (Baxter, 5, and Langston, 2.5).  I'm also an avid reader and writer, a lapsed cyclist, a Sunday-morning baritone, a huge foodie, a seasonal beard-wearer, a sneaker collector and aficionado, an Honors College graduate of Texas Tech, a proud Wildcat and MSEd holder from Northwestern...and, of course, a Mustang.