If students are absent in excess of a specified number of times during a semester, they may lose credit for a course they are taking. Please review the link below for opportunities to make up time for excessive absences.

Information you need to know: 


By State Law, students are supposed to be in class 90% of the time. 

How do you prevent losing credit due to attendance? 
1. WWYH Come to school ( this is the best way!) 
2. If you KNOW you've been absent more than 9 times in any of your class periods, you must come to seat time to make up the time you have missed. 

For Attendance For Credit (90% - seat-time)

- For Attendance For Credit, semester 1 (SM1) at 4 absences the letter will generate a warning and then at 9 absences the letter will generate stating loss of credit.

- Seat-time should be offered at the 4 absences or first letter. 


What is seat time and when is it held?
1. It is a time where you can make up the hours you missed for being absent. 1 Absence = 1 Hour of seat time.
2. Seat time is located in the GHS Lecture Hall beginning at 4:15 pm and ending at 5:15pm, Monday through Thursday.
3. You must have work assignments to do at seat time.
4. Please get your missed assignments from you teacher(s).
5. Any time you stay is counted ( ex.1 hour, 1/2 hour.)
6. You can build up your hours.
Please see your Assistant Principal if you have questions or concerns about attendance issues including truancy and/or seat time.

Extended Day is time after school for students to do seat time, take quizzes and tests and for tutorials.

Location: Lecture Hall

Dates/Times: Monday –Thursday from 4:15-5:15 pm

 If you have questions on Extended Day hours or services, please contact Laura Foutch at [email protected].
Teachers please make sure you are communicating in a timely manner when scheduling students and exams.
Students, please make sure to be on time for your Extended Day session. All students are required to check in for attendance verification and work completion.