If students are absent in excess of a specified number of times during a semester, they may lose credit for a course they are taking. Please review the link below for opportunities to make up time for excessive absences.

Information you need to know: 


By State Law, students are supposed to be in class 90% of the time. 

How do you prevent losing credit due to attendance? 
1. WWYH Come to school ( this is the best way!) 
2. If you KNOW you've been absent more than 4 times in periods 2,3,4,5,6,7 or more than 8 times in periods 1,8 , you must come to seat time to make up the time you have missed. 

For Attendance For Credit (90% - seat-time) we're trying something different this semester since block schedules are really hard to duplicate in Skyward. We are counting each class the same way rather than counting the daily classes well, daily.

- For Attendance For Credit, semester 1 (SM1) at 4 absences the letter will generate a warning and then at 9 absences the letter will generate stating loss of credit.

- Seat-time should be offered at the 4 absences or first letter. 

- Virtual Seat time should be creative and instructional (tutorials, etc ) when possible. Try to chunk the increments of time (30 minute blocks instead of having students on Webex for 2 hours) if students are doing virtual seat time. 

- Follow all social distancing protocols if you are doing in-person seat time.

What is seat time and when is it held?
1. It is a time where you can make up the hours you missed for being absent. 1 Absence = 1 Hour of seat time.
2. You must have work assignments to do at seat time.
3. Please get your missed assignments from you teacher(s).
4. Any time you stay is counted ( ex.1 hour, 1/2 hour.)
5. You can build up your hours.

Please see your Assistant Principal if you have questions or concerns about attendance issues including truancy and/or seat time.

Extended Day is time after school for students to do seat time, take quizzes and tests and for tutorials. With COVID-19 and the mix of online/in-person learners, things will be very different this year. Extended Day will be both online and in-person, but even the in-person students will use WebEx to maintain social distancing in the lecture hall. Please see the schedule below and sign up using the link provided.

Location: Lecture Hall (in person) and Webex.

Dates/Times: Tuesday –Thursday from 4:15-5:15 pm

For access to Extended Day Webex with Mr. Murray Click Here

You will need to be logged into your GCISD account (classlink).

Extended Day Sign in Here

The Seat Time Sign-In link will be shared in the Webex Chat. Seat time students MUST stay ON CAMERA the entire time and must stay in extended day for the entire hour. The extended day teacher must verify your attendance at the end of the hour.